maandag 23 april 2018

From winter direct to summer.

Sunday afternoon along the Amstel boulevard with a for Amsterdam bit unusual skyline.

zondag 22 april 2018

Saturday afternoon

17:00 PM along the "Herengracht" Weesp with terrific weather.

zaterdag 21 april 2018

On the building front

Every hole in the city is now filled with apartments and yet its not enough. One for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 20 april 2018


I prefer another kind of cows. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 19 april 2018

Walking through the city

You always see interesting things as here this book carrier in the window of an old shop transformed into a house. 
The next window shows this 2 heads and I don't know if the inhabitant of the house made this or an artist but he/she has a preference for books.

woensdag 18 april 2018

Tulip fields are advancing

Where once cows were grazing from a milk and cheese farm now stands tulip fields on just a 4 km walk from our house.
Its a first in our part of the polder and perhaps a sign that you as farmer can earn more with tulips then with cows. Still am not sure what I like more. Cows in the meadow or tulips in the fields. One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 17 april 2018

Just a little panorama

Hugo de Vrieslaan few days ago. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 16 april 2018

zondag 15 april 2018

zaterdag 14 april 2018

Weekend Reflection

By missing some inspiration today this reflection in Cafe "Brug 34" on the corner of the Herengracht and Utrechtse straat. One for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 13 april 2018

Street still life

Now its still but can make a lot of noise that renewing of the roads.

donderdag 12 april 2018

woensdag 11 april 2018

Its now 1 minute before twelve.

17:10 on the way back home from amsterdam to almere and we have to insert on the right side of the road.
Any more asphalt and holland is gone. Not to speak about the air quality. A sure sign something is going terrible wrong. One for Signs, Signs here.

dinsdag 10 april 2018


Nice to use old car tires as bike stands at our new recycling platform in Almere. One for Our World Tuesday here.

maandag 9 april 2018

Little rest before going back

Last week around 0° C yesterday 20° C. Time to go for a serious bike tour
Gives us also a change to see the latest lawnmowers of the municipality.

zondag 8 april 2018

From the hip

Passing by in Amsterdam

zaterdag 7 april 2018


One for Weekend Reflections here.

vrijdag 6 april 2018

River view

Sunset starting along the Amstel. One for Skywatch Friday here.

donderdag 5 april 2018

There are always people

who walks through a red light. Here on the Dam in Amsterdam.

woensdag 4 april 2018


Not afraid to choose. I like that. Also like the constructed design of the bag.